Spore Prints

Spore Prints are sterile samples of mushroom spores, used in the cultivation of mushrooms. These prints are perfect for scientific observation, study, or home cultivation. They are taken from mature mushrooms and come from a variety of species. Once you get your print, you can make spore syringes, liquid cultures and maintain your mushroom genetics for years of abundant flushes when using our Cap'n Shrooms Mushrooms Substrates.

Psilocybe spores do not contain any psilocybin or psilocybin, so unless the spores are regulated where you are located, then psilocybe spores are LEGAL or not illegal per say. (Please note that this is NOT legal advice, and you are solely responsible. Please check your local laws and Order at your own risk.)

Cap'n Shrooms works with two selected suppliers that ship internationally. Since mushrooms spores are seasonal, please check both suppliers as there fluctuations in availability. 

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